Supporting Businesses in York

Starting your business

Business Planning: The essential first step in setting up a new business. Whatever stage you are at we can help. Templates to help you structure your plan, market research tips, and support reviewing your business plan, are just some of the areas that we can support you with or point you in the right direction to get the help that you need.

Funding your business: Access to information with regards to any financial support that you may be eligible for, which would help get your business off the ground or get to the next stage of development. Aside from the traditional high street lenders, you may wish to consider start-up loans, crowdfunding, or you may even be eligible for a grant.

Marketing: The benefits of good marketing include getting your brand known and being at the front of your customer’s mind. The marketing methods you choose should reflect your target audience. We can help with looking at what might be the best methods for your business and deciding if you need to bring in external support to achieve this.

Finding/Adapting a premises: Whether you plan to work from home or need office space, shared space, studio space or a retail unit, we can help with your search. We can advise on the points that you will need to consider with each option. We will be able to signpost you to professionals who can help you along the way.

Legal Matters: When setting up a business it’s important to know your legal requirements and have the necessary structure, procedures and insurance in place. It is always best to seek the relevant professional support at the start.

Growing Your Business

As your business develops, finding the right place to go for support and advice is key. From finding the right type of finance, to breaking new markets and developing your people there will be times when you need help. We can help you identify the support you need and make introductions to the right people to get you started.

Financing and Planning Business Growth

There are many different types of finance available to a company with ambitions to grow. A bank loan is not the only way that you can raise money to fund your business. There are numerous alternatives from equity investment – raising capital through the sale of shares in a business  – to debt finance available via a multitude of alternative finance providers such as start up loans, peer to peer lenders or crowd funding platforms.

Developing new markets through exporting

Whether you are an experienced exporter or looking to break into new overseas markets for the first time there is support out there to help you succeed.  If you are looking to expand your footprint in existing markets, identify and break into new markets, or investing in overseas operations there’s practical support to help you fulfil it.

Grow your business through marketing

Effective sales and marketing will play a key part in the successful growth of your business. It will help building awareness of your product or service and generate new leads and customers.

Grow your business through new ideas and products

A large amount of expert, tailored Intellectual Property (IP) advice is available to small and medium-sized businesses, to help them create new ideas, develop and deliver new products or services.

Getting Online

Close to half of all the small businesses in the UK don’t yet use the internet for their business. Find out how to get your business online.


Skills, Training and Recruitment

Recruiting and Hiring Staff

Recruiting the right people will be critical to your businesses success. Whether you are employing someone for the first time or taking on extra staff, there is practical guidance and advice as well as financial assistance that you can tap into.

Workforce Development

The success of any business relies on having an engaged, motivated and a loyal team. Making sure you have the right people with the right skills to do a great job, and managers who inspire your people to make a difference, are vital for continuous growth.

Accessing Skills Funding

Having sufficient budget to allow for the delivery of staff training and upskilling can be challenging. Help is available via funding streams with the particular purpose of helping employers meet the cost of training and developing their staff.


Taking on an Apprentice is both rewarding and good for business. You will be giving an individual a great start in their working life, ensuring they have the skills they need to be successful in work and giving your workforce precisely the skills you need them to have.

Graduate Recruitment and Internships

Bringing into the business a graduate or student intern to deliver short project-based work makes great business sense. You’ll achieve cost effective solutions for your business, gain an enthusiastic new perspective on your business whilst also offering students and graduates valuable experience.

Accessing Training Provision

Finding the right training and training provider for your business can sometimes be difficult. Knowing who will be the right fit for your requirements and whether they have the right experience and understanding of your business and your sector are no doubt essential to the investment you are prepared to put in.


A business needs a mixture of people with different skills and these skills may change as a business grows and develops. Bringing in new people has the added benefit of new ideas on how to do things, often acting as a positive stimulus for existing staff. Additionally, replacing staff who leave with people who not only have the same expertise but fit into the culture of the business is important.