Network-building and Inward Investment

Attracting new business and inward investment, as well as supporting the growth of those already here, is of course key to York’s future prosperity. Make It York plays a vital role in this, both in relation to York Central as it rolls out, and to the wider city opportunity.

Self-evidently Make It York does not do all of this itself: our work compliments that of other key players including City of York Council (CYC), the York Central Partnership (made up of CYC, the National Railway Museum, Homes England and Network Rail), the LEPs and both universities. And our structure, quite intentionally, allows Make It York an important degree of flexibility and agility meaning we are able to pick up economic development and inward investment opportunities which other, bigger organisations cannot. While a more governmental approach can be characterised as “top down” (without any pejorative sense), Make It York’s approach is perhaps “bottom up” and opportunistic (again without any pejorative sense).

Similarly, Make It York’s existing and developing networks beyond the city allow us to raise the city’s profile and showcase individual opportunities.

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