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Terms and conditions

  • Artists may submit a maximum of three entries. These can be received as one continuous document or separate submissions. Each design submitted should be clearly named.
  • Anyone over the age of sixteen is eligible to submit a design.
  • These terms and conditions form the agreement between you (“The Artist”) and Make It York (“The Producer”) in respect to The Snooks with Books trail By submission of a design (“Design(s)”) entry you are accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the project.
  • Designs must be received by The Producer in the submission timeframe, by 5pm on 23rd June 2023. Entries will only be accepted with the completion of the accompanying Application Form.
  • Designs that do not fit the commission criteria will not be accepted.
  • For any Design submitted The Artist must be the sole author/owner of all intellectual property rights. In instances where The Artist is not the sole author/owner they must possess exclusive and unrestricted licence in writing from the copyrighted owner(s) to use the work for the purposes outlined in this call out. If The Artist is not the sole author/owner of all intellectual property rights in a submitted design The Artist must make this clear to the The Producer at the point of submission. Make It York does not accept liability to you for any claims arising from the use or publication of the design and further reproductions.
  • The Artist must be able to reproduce the submitted Design to a replication standard on the 3-dimensional sculpture (“Sculpture”)
  • Proposed modifications or additions to the Sculpture must be fit for purpose, durable and must ensure the structural integrity of the Sculpture is maintained. Proposed additions or modifications to the Sculpture refer to anything beyond painting the base.
  • The Design remains the intellectual property of The Artist. Though through submission in response to this call out The Artist grants Make It York the royalty free, non-exclusive right and license to reproduce the Design for the communication and marketing of the project alongside inclusion of their artist profile if the Design is successful.
  • The Artist consents to use of the design, name and accompanying assets on any promotional created by Make It York in connection to the Snooks with Books project without compensation.
  • Personal data provided by The Artist may be used by Make It York in marketing and communications in line with the production of this project. The Producer will not share your personal information with any third parties for the purpose of direct marketing. For further information on Make It York’s Privacy Policy, please visit
  • Submitted Designs will be screened by Make It York prior to an open sponsor selection. The Producer reserves the right to reject a Design at their own discretion following submission.
  • Successful Designs are reliant upon selection from a trail sponsor and The Artist will only be commissioned at that stage. Decisions from The Producer on selections are final and feedback may not be provided should Designs not be chosen.
  • Following commissioning The Producer will make the Sculpture available to The Artist. The costs associated with materials for reproducing the Design onto the Model is the responsibility of The Artist. The Producer will provide the finishing varnish only. Should The Artist wish to work in their own studio space rather than the designated workspace in York, The Artist will be responsible for the cost of transporting to their studio and back.
  • Each commissioned Artist will be required to offer an activity as part of the project engagement programme. This programme will run for the duration of the trail. Details of this will be discussed and agreed with the artist following selection.
  • Make It York reserves the right to withhold any fee payment to The Artist if it is deemed the quality of the completed Design is not of a standard reasonably expected for public display or that it is substantially differing from the originally commissioned Design.
  • The Sculpture will remain at all times the property of Make It York and must be kept in good condition. Should the Sculpture be left incomplete on the Design or damaged in your possession and irreparable. The Artist will be charged the replacement cost of the Sculpture.
  • Make It York will pay commissioned artists an artistic fee of £1000 (Plus VAT where applicable). This amount will be paid following successful selection from a sponsor, in agreed instalments for commissioning and completion. Payment will be made in accordance with The Producers finance procedures and within 30 days of invoice receipt.
  • As part of the project The Producer may produce replications of the Design for retail purposes in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form. There will be no additional fee paid to The Artist in respect to this.
  • To conclude the Snooks with Books trail The Producer will facilitate an auction event for Sculptures not purchased in advance by the corresponding sponsor. The proceeds from the auction will raise funds for the project’s charity partner, St Leonards Hospice alongside the York Creates fund.

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