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Looking to film in York? Use the forms below to submit details of your production and our team will be in touch. 

In York, you’ll find something to photograph or film at every turn. A treasure trove of unique locations you won’t find anywhere else in the UK, with beautiful architecture and historic buildings from every period. Within the ancient, encircling walls, York’s medieval streets and buildings are beautifully preserved, and the historic heart of the city is largely traffic-free, making it quiet, clean and accessible for film and TV crews, day and night. 

If you have any questions, please contact 

How To Apply to Film in York  

  1. Complete an initial enquiry form to determine if your filming application will be viable. 
  2. Once confirmation has been received that filming would be approved in principle, complete the full application based on Crew Size.  
  3. The Make It York will review documentation and issue a filming approval to you. 

Film Permit Fees  

These charges apply to locations where filming permissions are managed by Make It York. Fees are chargeable per production.  The prices listed exclude VAT. Permit fees depend on the size of crew –  

  • up to 10 people – £50 
  • 11 to 24 people – £150 
  • 25 to 74 people – £250 
  • 75 to 100 people – £350 
  • 100 to 149 people – £500 
  • 150 or more – POA 
  • Use of a Drone – £50

There are exceptions to this, and at present you will not be charged if your production is for: 

  • a charity 
  • student or publicly funded short film 
  • accredited news crews 

Additional fees may be required if the production requires closures and parking. These additional fees are coordinated and managed by the relevant departments within City of York Council.  

Payment and Invoicing 

Payment for filming permits is required before scheduled filming dates. Payment must be made online as part of the full application form for small crew (1-10 people) applications and can either be made online or via invoice for crew sizes larger than 10 people. Should you wish to pay via invoice a Purchase Order number must be supplied on the full application form. Payment via invoice must be received before an approved filming permit is issued.  


Please note: Data entered to the form will be automatically saved to your browser in case you need to return and complete the form at a later date. You must return to the form using the same device and browser used to complete the form, and not clear any stored browser data or the saved information in the form will not be present.

Filming Initial Enquiry Form

If you wish to enquire about filming in York, please complete this ‘Initial Enquiry’ form. 

Your request will be reviewed, and a response given within 7 days. If we are able to accommodate your request, you will be invited to provide full details by completing the appropriate form on our ‘Filming in York’ page. 

If you have any questions, please contact 


Small Film Crew Form (for crews of ten people or fewer)


This form is to notify the City of York of your intentions to film.

This form is only suitable for crews of ten people or fewer (including cast and extras) who are planning to film on the street using handheld cameras or cameras on tripods only.

This notification form is not suitable for productions using any additional equipment, special effects, street dressing, stunts etc.

Productions containing any of the following, should also contact local police

Firearms or other weapons
Scene of a crime, or offensive nature
Actors in police or other emergency service uniform
Marked police car or other emergency service vehicle

It is important that you also include evidence of your current Public Liability Insurance.

A certificate which demonstrates a minimum of £5,000,000 cover is needed in order for this form to be processed.

Please leave at least ten working days before your shoot in order for your form to be processed. All filming applications relating to York Minster and the land within their boundary will not be considered if the application is received within ten working days prior to shoots.

Large Film Crew Form


All filming applications relating to York Minster and the land within their boundary will not be considered if the application is received within ten working days prior to shoots.

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