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Fresh Air – Fresh Perspective

Part of Coaching York’s input to International Coaching Week 17-21 May 2021

Have you noticed when you step outside how you often take deeper breaths? How the extra space makes you feel less contained or stressed? How being outdoors can spark your creativity?

Our need for a connection to the outdoors has been in focus more than ever in the past year, as we have spent increasing time in front of screens indoors. Research has demonstrated that ‘a dose of nature of just two hours per week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing’*.

How can coaching in the fresh air help coachees and coaches to develop fresh perspectives?

We will meet in the Museum Gardens and ‘walk the talk’, to explore and experience the benefits of coaching outdoors and to consider any challenges to overcome.  Whether you are a leader/manager or a professional coach you will leave with ideas about how this can benefit you and the people you work with.

*Dr Matthew White, University of Exeter, Scientific Reports

Numbers: Please note that COVID-19 regulations mean we are currently restricted on numbers pending progress through the “steps”. Step 3 on May 17 should allow us to expand up to 30 people so please review this event where you want to take part.


Fiona Smith is a coach with extensive business leadership experience, who works collaboratively with individuals, teams and organisations to bring about sustained positive change. She helps people to find their own leadership identity and to become leaders who know how to inspire and engage others at all levels of their organisation.

As both a business leader and a coach she has used the power of the outdoors to inspire more open thinking. This hasn’t just been for coaching sessions, but for example development reviews and team meetings. Even where business leaders were reluctant at first, she has demonstrated to them the tangible benefits of having coaching and other conversations outdoors.

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May 18 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Coaching York