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In 2020 the ambitious York Culture Strategy was launched, mapping out the next five years of York’s creative future. A joint initiative between Make It York, City of York Council and the Cultural Leaders Group, the strategy aims to create opportunity and make culture relevant and accessible to everyone in the city.

The York Culture Forum was established in January 2022; the next step in York’s cultural journey towards the achievement of the strategy. Open to anyone working within arts and heritage, including individual artists, organisations and community groups, the Culture Forum is a space where the creative and cultural sector can come together to contribute to the Culture Strategy’s future direction and share knowledge, network, and collaborate.

What is it?

The Culture Forum will meet six times a year and will be an opportunity to network, enable partnership building, hear about collaboration and funding opportunities, and have regular updates on the progress of York’s five-year Culture Strategy. Members of the Culture Forum can put themselves forward to join the Culture Executive Group, who will steer the Culture Strategy’s future direction. The Exec will be voted in by Forum members, becoming the first elected cultural executive group in the country.

Who is it for?

The Culture Forum is open to anybody who is involved in arts and heritage, including collections, combined arts, dance, libraries, literature, museums, music, theatre and the visual arts.  You must have a demonstrable connection to York’s culture sector to join the Culture Forum in either a professional or voluntary capacity (i.e. work/volunteer within the City of York area). Please note a maximum of four people should sign up from one organisation.

How can I join?

Please sign up to be a member of the Culture Forum using the form below.

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York Culture Forum Resources

York Culture Forum Terms of Reference

The governance document for the Culture Forum and Executive Group can be found here.

This document includes information about the elections to the Executive Group.

Minutes of the Culture Forum Meetings

24 March 2022 – YCF Minutes and REACH Presentation

24 January 2022 – YCF Minutes

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