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York produces world-class graduates across the cultural and technological disciplines, but opportunities to stay and build a career in the city can be limited. Our ambition is that York’s creative and cultural sectors thrive and contribute to strengthening and diversifying York’s economy: through universities and colleges providing clear routes to skilled employment, and creative workspaces attracting and retaining creative talent in the city.

Through York’s Creative Future, the York Culture Strategy 2020-2025, we are working to ensure:

  • Increased numbers of creative practitioners based and working in York
  • More empty space brought back into productivity through creative enterprise
  • An increase in levels of creative and cultural export from York
  • Increased levels of student demand for cultural activity and engagement
  • Significant collaborations between artists, practitioners and audiences/ participants from the city, with cultural initiatives and events organised by the city’s universities and colleges
  • New funding secured to support culture leveraged in response to new collaborations
York Mediale 2018 Launch Event

For more information, please read the full strategy here.

Discover More

Both universities in York offer opportunities such as internships and work experience to nurture talent development in the creative fields, often contributing to or covering the student’s wages for organisations of a certain size. For further information on internships available to employers, please see the following:

York St John University

University of York

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