Case Study: Momentful

The York-based technology brand and Visit York member behind Momentful, are inviting businesses across the city to take part in a free three-month trial of their unique creative messaging app service – which aims to keep people emotionally connected even when they are physically distanced.  

The company behind Momentful was launched back in 2016 on York Science Park by Suzy Edward and John Osborne, who both have over thirty years’ experience in developing cutting edge mobile technologies. Seeing that there was a gap in the market, Momentful was developed to help bring people together through the power of expressing themselves with digital ‘Moments’.

With unique original artwork developed by artists and designers specifically with the aim to convey human emotions and tell stories, the Momentful team also have expert input from an in-house psychologist to ensure all the content on the app is designed with the intended emotion in mind.

Originally created for a consumer audience, earlier last year the brand created Momentful@Work – a service for businesses which aims to help keep remote teams more emotionally connected and engaged through the power of digital messaging. Teams can access a bespoke, branded version of the app which is topped up with free credits so that they can share ‘moments’ with their colleagues, managers and even personal friends and family. Offering a unique onboarding experience and bespoke content, the Momentful@Work service aims to help businesses looking to engage their workforce – allowing colleagues to send Moments to anyone, anywhere, regardless of whether they have the app installed.

Steve Coomber, Director of Partnerships at Momentful said, “With the impact of the pandemic and the various national lockdowns meaning colleagues, families and friends aren’t able to get together in the same way as before, the way we communicate digitally has become ever more important. Our app gives people the opportunity to reach out in a special, meaningful way and bridge any physical distance through the sharing of our unique ‘Moments’.

For so many businesses, finding ways to keep their teams motivated and engaged – particularly when people are working remotely – is a real challenge, and Momentful@Work has been a great way to help keep colleagues connected and potentially spark conversations about mental wellbeing in a way that feels very easy and genuine.

Our free three-month trial offers businesses a chance to try out the functionality of the app and see what impact it can have on their staff wellbeing and motivation – it also provides us with a really useful way of getting some live insight and feedback, so that we can continue to improve and develop our service.”

Momentful joined Visit York membership last year and have already been working with the team on partnership activity in the Visitor Information Centre. Steve continues, “We would love other Visit York members to take us up on this offer for a trial of Momentful@Work, as it’s a great way to engage with staff, no matter the size of your business. As a Visit York member we’ve found that being part of such a business community in the city with shared interests, challenges and goals is a real benefit to us, and we’re keen to continue to develop those relationships with other local businesses this year.”

To find out more about Momentful@Work visit and email to register your interest for a free trial.

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