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There’s lots of support and funding available to help your business prosper and thrive. Our Growth Managers are here to help you to navigate the support maze and connect you with the right skills, training, people and funding. Tap into our experience and local expertise to grow your business with confidence.

Our team will work with you to understand your specific challenges and help you plan for survival and growth, drawing on in-depth knowledge and connections across all sectors of the local professional community.

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Louise Saw

Business Growth Manager

Brian Littlejohn

Business Growth Manager

“The business support landscape is vast and there is so much out there to be tapped into, but as a business owner you don’t always have a huge amount of additional time to find the best route for you and your business.

I was able to cut through a very detailed Digital Funding Grant application – saving me valuable time and pursuing something I may have given up on. This grant helped me set up a much-needed CRM system for my business.

This is where Make It York have stepped in for me and navigated me through to find the right support to develop my business and being a vital sounding board for my business journey.”

Clare Hutchison, Managing Director

One to One Recruitment