Bethan Vincent | Marketing Consultant

Bethan Vincent | Marketing Consultant
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Bethan Vincent | Marketing Consultant

I am an award-winning marketer and technology specialist based in the heart of York.

Due to my background as an entrepreneur and as a marketing leader in the tech sector, I have practical knowledge of developing and actioning scalable marketing strategies in both start-up and larger SME environments.

I believe that great marketing strategies ultimately come from combining insights into wider market trends and customer needs with business goals and innovative new ideas. Good marketers are ultimately business people who happen to have deep knowledge of the marketing tools that can be used to reach customers and articulate clearly why a product or service delivers value.
I Help Clients With:

Marketing Strategy and Positioning – discovering, developing and deploying the narrative that will enable your brand/product/service to have a “unique leadership position” in the minds of customers. It’s about what makes you special, memorable, meaningful and working out that secret sauce that your competitors can’t replicate.
Strategic Market Research – capturing and interpreting customer and market data to generate meaningful, actionable insights that your business can actually use.
Marketing Performance and Reporting – Google Analytics and omni-channel analytics/reporting
Content strategy and planning
Marketing Automation – delivering campaigns and personalisation at scale through new technologies
Integrating marketing into Agile/Scrum development processes
Aligning Sales and Marketing teams with clear strategy and combined goals
Product Marketing Strategy for SaaS and software platforms

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