The Marketing Mash

The Marketing Mash
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The Marketing Mash

Bringing big brand marketing ideas to smaller companies (without the big price tag)! More often than not the best marketing ideas are trapped inside the big brands (with just as big budgets), but we think it’s smaller companies who need great marketing the most. That’s why we’re bringing our award winning big brand experience to help smaller businesses grow.

Services we offer:

We think about what we’re doing as The Marketing Mash – we consider lots of different ideas and then carefully concoct the best mix for you. You get exactly what your business needs (none of what it doesn’t) and the very most out of your marketing budget! We can help you with:

– Positioning your business: communicating who you are, what you offer and what’s special about you to your target audience

– Getting your business out there: branding, web development, Google AdWords, events, stationary and signage

– Talking to your target audience: email campaigns, social media, blogs, infographics, advertising and promotional materials


Package for start ups:

Talking costs nothing – we’re happy to meet up for a coffee (or even a beer) to understand your business and how you want to promote it to help it grow! We can help you get up and running with our start up package which can be tweaked to your specific needs and includes:

– The marketing basics: branding, website, business cards, letterhead – That little bit extra: some big brand thinking about how you can best describe what you offer to your target audience

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07969 906369

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