Our services

The inward investment team at Make It York offers a comprehensive service to investors from initial point of enquiry right through to soft landing and aftercare.

Market intelligence and insight/building a business case

If you are contemplating doing business in York, we can help you identify business opportunities.
If you are considering expanding your business to York, a market overview is the first step to understanding your business opportunities.

Our team can assist you in mapping your industry and market opportunities, and provide up-to-date statistics and market information relating to customers, suppliers, labour, recruitment, infrastructure, property and more

Finding talent

Finding the right workforce will be crucial to your success when contemplating doing business in York. With a highly skilled workforce and access to thousands of new graduates each year we can help find, train or recruit the workforce you need.

Industry knowledge

We can help you to identify specific market potential and furnish you with essential knowledge of key industries in York: Biosciences and Healthcare, Creative, Digital and IT, Rail and related industries, Financial and Professional Services, Tourism and Leisure and Retail, Food and Drink and to identify specific market potential.

Land and property

Whether you are new to York or relocating to new facilities, we can help you find the right space for your operations.

Our team can organise tailor-made fact-finding tours to sites and properties, and introduce you to real estate agents, developers, lawyers and public authorities.

Setting up your business

Setting up a new business in a foreign country can be a lengthy and complicated process. Working with select local partners we can help reduce your time to market.

Our team can provide access to specialist advice on legal, financial and corporate structure matters. We can introduce you to lawyers, accountants, trade associations and chambers of commerce, facilitate contacts and networks with potential partners, public authorities and research institutions, arrange site visits and meetings with real estate agents and assist you in finding the right employees.


Considerations for a business moving to York

Is there support to help purchase or lease a commercial property?  Yes, the Let’s Grow programme covering York & North Yorkshire provides grants to businesses trading B2B to provide 10-20% towards the cost of purchase and fit out of premises.

What about fitting out / refurbishing a property and buying equipment? The same fund as per above, or the Business Growth Programme from Leeds City Region LEP can assist.

I need to train my staff, can you help?  The Skills Support for the Workforce programme provides 100% grant-based support to cover the cost of training and developing staff.

I have a tourism business and will be based in a rural area; is there any support? Yes, grants from the Rural Payments Agency start at £35K and will contribute towards the cost of new premises and equipment where the project helps to attract more tourists to rural areas, stay longer and spend more.

Some of the machinery / equipment I need will replace inefficient assets that I already own; is there any help there?  Yes, the Resource Efficiency Fund from Leeds City Region LEP has capital grants to support the purchase of assets that enable a business to become more efficient in their use of energy, water and the treatment of waste.

My business is innovative and continually seeking to improve, can you support us? There are two grants worth looking at.  The PAPI grant from the University of York has grants of up to £20K to help businesses purchase assets that enable innovation in processes and/or products.  Access Innovation from Leeds City Region LEP provides access to expert support to help cover the research costs associated with testing prototypes or materials for example.

I own an early stage business that is less than 3 years old and I could do with some advice to help me to grow my business.  The Ad:Venture programme is now live and will provide access to specialist support along with a small capital grant for start ups and early stage businesses less than 3 years old.

My business operates in the agri food sector.  I want to meet contacts locally across that sector and obtain support, how can you help?  The SIAFS (stimulating innovation in the agri food sector) deliver workshops and events across West, North & East Yorkshire.  They also have access to food sector specialists to support you as well as having grants to provide access to the food testing facilities at FERA.

My bank is keen to support our move but I’m concerned there will be a shortfall in relation to the amount it will lend compared with the amount I need.  The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund has two debt options and an equity fund.  Debt programmes from £25K – £100K and £100K – £750K are available with the equity fund starting at £50K up to £2M.

I’m a manufacturer; I don’t need any new equipment but I need access to expert support to help make the most of our move.  The Manufacturing Growth Programme has a grant that provides expert support for 8 days over 4 months covering a range of topics.

Who can I talk to for more information?  Speak to Simon Middleton at Make It York on 01904 551829 or simon.middleton@makeityork.com