Our governance

Make It York is a company limited by shares and wholly owned by City of York Council. As a company, Make It York is subject to the Companies Act and it has its own Board of Directors. These are drawn from both the public and private sectors and the current Chair of the Board is Jane Lady Gibson. The Leader and Chief Executive of City of York Council have automatic places on the Board. The Board meets at least seven times per year.

Make It York has a ‘Shareholder Group’ which is a cross party committee of City of York Council. It is currently chaired by Councillor Johnny Hayes. The Shareholder Group meets at least four times per year and is responsible for reviewing the ongoing progress of the company in relation to delivery against the Service Level Agreement. Make It York is also subject to scrutiny committees also organised by City of York Council.

The current turnover of Make It York is around £4million. Make It York has a variety of revenue sources and is committed to generating income so that this can be invested back into the city. City of York Council provides about 15% of the company’s income in return for the specific provision of a number of services, detailed in the service level agreement(PDF document). Council funding reduces over time and a provisional funding agreement is in place until the end of the 2018/19 financial year.